Win by Setting a Failure Penalty

One hundred and sixty five dollars is how much I put at risk for my current goal to lose 9 lbs in two months. Eleven people are part of my support network and their payout if I fail is $15. While the small dollar figure is really quite inconsequential to each of these people, it has had a powerful effect as a penalty to me if I fail. Six of those 11 people are members of my work team and I see them most every weekday. They initially teased me that they were going to buy me donuts and treats to sabotage my goal, but have they? No. in reality they haven't though they do watch me and they ask simple questions most days to "follow up" with me. They care about me and they smile as I tell them I can't go out to lunch with them or they smile as I down yet another glass of water. Some of them are even sizing up their own goals and are gaining the courage to put their money where their mouth is. Have I been this committed to finally reaching my weight goal before? No I haven't and the difference is the self imposed consequence of failing. Last night I was speaking with a friend about her own goal to lose 8 lbs. in 3 weeks. She had told a friend about the goal and together they agreed to support each other, but like the blunt son that I sometimes am, I hinted that good intentions might not be enough to keep them both committed and so I gave her the MWYMI challenge and I could see in her eyes the concern as she asked herself how serious she really was to achieve her goal. It was a 'commitment moment' that I have seen before as other people mentally test their big ideas against the motivation it would take for them to succeed. As this experiment plays out, we will be learning more about how to daily motivate, track and achieve our goals. What thing has been eluding you? If it is something you really want and have tried to achieve for some time without seeing results, it may require an extra type of motivation. Set your own goal and achieve your greatness.

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