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Check-in Summary

Three metrics have proven most useful to measure healthy living: 1) Check-in compliance rate 2) Average check-in status. 3) Days since a check-in of one. Look through your numbers. Are you giving enough energy to the process? Do you have weekly data-driven goals? Are you trending up or down?

Commitment Measures

Check-in Compliance Rate {{(stats.numCheckins/stats.numPossibleCheckins)*100 | number: 1}}%
Possible Check-ins {{stats.numPossibleCheckins}}
Successful Check-ins {{stats.numCheckins}}
Missed Check-ins {{stats.numMissedCheckins}}

Research shows that being committed to a program should be your first objective to improve healthy living. How close is your compliance rate to 100%? Are you thoroughly and thoughtfully reviewing your thoughts and actions since the last check-in? Have you personalized your definitions on the 1-10 scale so they have meaning to you?

Healthy Living Measures

Average Check-in Status {{stats.averageStatus | number:2}}
Time Since Last Check-in of 1 {{stats.timeSinceLastRelapse}}
Safe Zone Check-ins {{stats.numSafeZone}} ({{(stats.numSafeZone/stats.numCheckins)*100 | number: 1}}%)
Danger Zone Check-ins {{stats.numDangerZone}} ({{(stats.numDangerZone/stats.numCheckins)*100 | number: 1}}%)
Check-ins of 1 {{stats.numRelapses}} ({{(stats.numRelapses/stats.numCheckins)*100 | number: 1}}%)

How healthy was your living? Did your dangerous check-ins decrease? For most people, the 'slippery slope' descending from healthy living down to a 1 happens after we cross over a tipping point of control where logic and reason have less influence on us and our compulsions take over. Some people describe this as a 'cloudy' or 'fuzzy brain' moment.

Weekly Trends

Week # Date Range Average Status
{{$index+1}} {{week.weekStart | moment: 'shortDate' : week.timezone}}—{{week.weekEnd | moment: 'shortDate' : week.timezone}} {{week.averageStatus | number:2}}

Are your average check-ins going up or down? What explains the difference? In the following tabs you can review your check-ins in greater detail to remember what happened, and why. The answer is important to know what to do differently next time.

Check-In Details

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Check-in Details

Thoroughly reviewing a past period of time is the best way to create a plan for the future. Click through your check-ins and make note of the patterns by day of week and time of day.

Date Morning Mid-Day Evening
{{day.timestamp | moment: 'M/D/YY, ' : day.timezone}}{{day.timestamp | moment: 'M/D, ' : day.timezone}}{{day.timestamp | moment: 'ddd' : day.timezone}}{{day.timestamp | moment: 'dddd' : day.timezone}} {{day.morning.status || "----"}} {{day.afternoon.status || "----"}} {{day.evening.status || "----"}}
Status Sum {{stats.timeOfDay.morning.statusSum | number}} {{stats.timeOfDay.afternoon.statusSum | number}} {{stats.timeOfDay.evening.statusSum | number}}
Average Status {{stats.timeOfDay.morning.averageStatus | number: 2}} {{stats.timeOfDay.afternoon.averageStatus | number: 2}} {{stats.timeOfDay.evening.averageStatus | number: 2}}

Click a Check-in to View Your Description.

{{selectedEvent.unixtime | moment: 'M/D/YY, dddd: h:mm a' : selectedEvent.timezone}}: {{selectedEvent.full_text}}

Daily Trends

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Daily Patterns

Don't skip over these charts too quickly. They are powerful we promise. Notice that you can deselect times of day and redraw your data. Which times of day are you living your best? Which times of day are your hardest? The answers are in the data. Now, what do you do with these insights? Make note of your patterns and action plan for change. What interventions, or new patterns of activity will increase your healthy living? Research shows that you are most vulnerable to unhealthy living when you are bored, lonely, tired, or angry.

Time of Day Analysis

Click and drag to select sections of your data, either highs or lows and then hover with your mouse over the data points to read your check-in descriptions.

Day of Month Analysis

Look at days in their entirety. Hover and you will see all three check-ins per day. How do your weekdays compare to your weekends? Are there cycles that repeat every 10 or 20 days or on some other interval? Can you see patterns affected by sleep or work, exercise or even hormone cycles?

Weekly Trends

Life is about the journey, not the finish...

Week Over Week Analysis

How are you living week over week? Did you have a variation in your month that lead to positive or negative living? This is your place to gather that insight.

Average Status Per Week

Click on the time of day over in the key to deselect periods of time. Try it and the chart will redraw. This way you can isolate periods of time.


Life is about the journey, not the finish...


Journal view of check-in status and detailed descriptions of each day. Use the filters below to review your highs and lows and look for common triggers, patterns or themes to help guide your improvement.

Filter by check-in status (check multiple if desired)

Date Time Description
{{event.unixtime | moment: 'M/D' : event.timezone}} {{event.status}} {{event.unixtime | moment: 'h:mm a' : event.timezone}} {{event.full_text}}