One Cup to Drive the Munchies Away

A behavior improvement I have been working on for some time is to manage my eating in a healthy way and in the process to lose a few pounds. Surely, all of us have those moments during the day when we crave high calorie foods. I am no exception and lately I've been turning to a new fix to push the munchies away. My solution is to drink a cup of herbal tea, Mate cocido. Unlike the die hard drink-it-plain people I do put in a tablespoon of sugar so it is ~50 calories of warmth and comfort and in the evening before tucking away to bed, those feelings are something I still crave. Perhaps I can deny myself of this too but I reason that hydration in this form is a pretty good substitute to the graham crackers or ice cream or cake and cookies that I have gone to in the past. Plus when my belly is full, I lose the desire to find other comfort food. Another healthy snack though not as low in calories that works for me is popcorn air popped in olive oil with a bit of salt and my new favorite secret, honey. Yaah so it is probably 200 calories but it takes time to eat, is airy and makes me feel like I have had a sizable snack when in actuality it is probably a quarter cup of popcorn seeds. Still this one isn't a perfect evening snack and so I try to limit my popcorn to once a week. What are your tactics and strategies to improve your relationship with food?

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