Six Techniques to Making Behavior Change

Research suggests that these six techniques are powerful to change behavior. They have made all the difference for me. But to understand the power of these techniques, it is helpful to think of behavior as a set of habits, both good and bad that consist of inputs and outputs in a predictable pattern. Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habits has created a very helpful graphic that documents the three primary components of a habit which[...]

Text messages can help reduce blood pressure

This is an interesting article from the University of Oxford highlighting a recent study conducted in South Africa.  The teams found that interactive text messaging significantly improved patient compliance in taking medicine. The study, of over 1300 adults with high blood pressure in the Cape Town area, compared text message reminders and interactive text messaging to a control group receiving standard care. The results appear online in the American Heart Association journal Circulation. View/Read Article

One Cup to Drive the Munchies Away

A behavior improvement I have been working on for some time is to manage my eating in a healthy way and in the process to lose a few pounds. Surely, all of us have those moments during the day when we crave high calorie foods. I am no exception and lately I've been turning to a new fix to push the munchies away. My solution is to drink a cup of herbal tea, Mate cocido.[...]