Beta User Invitation to Create Account

We are ready for you to create a Take24 account so you can get access to several new and powerful features. I am including lots of instructions below, but first, thank you so much for being part of our work to help people make positive change.

— From, click on the video link from the main page and watch the 2-minute overview. Click over to the ‘how it works’ page and to the therapist and user and partner pages. What should we change? You can send feedback by responding or emailing

— Then, click the ‘sign up today’ button and create a new account. When you are asked to pay, use this coupon code: take24for14. It will give you 14 days of free service. Since you are already using the service, within a couple of hours of signing up, we will connect your existing data to your new account and let you know when it is complete so you can see your data.

After you’ve seen what we have built, we want you to become a paying user at whatever price you think this is worth to you. Send me a text/email and I’ll respond with a new code to give you that price. Our pricing will be monthly as our costs are also monthly.

There are three reasons we are asking for you to pay for the service:

  1. When you raise your commitment, you will improve your results
  2. We want your investment in us if you believe in this product to make a difference. If you pay, that is proof that this is valuable. If you don’t pay, that is evidence to us that we need to make changes. We need to know that.
  3. This service has real costs that we are covering today with our personal savings. To be sustainable, we need to be creating more value than the costs we incur.

During the 14-day trial, we will send you tips about using the service. We want your feedback on those, too. Just reply to the Take24 number with your comment and we will get it.

ADD AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER — The most valuable feature of this service is to add some real accountability. Please add a spouse or a sponsor. They are free to add. If you aren’t comfortable adding a partner, please tell us why.

LOOK AT YOUR REPORTS — The reports have all of your data. They can be a very powerful tool to help you see the changes necessary to make long-term improvements.

We are still actively improving the service and we want to hear your feedback. We have a number of additional features we will be rolling out soon. We hope you will be successful in your change and we want to do whatever might be helpful to make this better for you.

We also have some large therapy run groups that we are about to add to the system in pilots and then as paying users very soon.

Chris and the team