The New Face of Behavior Change

This very interesting article reveals some interesting data about how a large portion of health issues can be traced back to poor behaviors or lack of adherence to positive/good behaviors, and suggests some ways to improve on those numbers. The National Institutes of Health estimates that unhealthy behaviors account for almost 40 percent of the risk of preventable, premature deaths in the United States. Read more here/below. The New Face Of Behavior Change

Past Pleasures Make it Hard to Say No

I read this fascinating article on some research that shows that people are wired to respond to past pleasures/reward patterns even on a subconscious level, explaining why it is so challenging to change a pleasurable habit or addition. Neuroscientists demonstrated that when people see something associated with a past reward, their brain flushes with the neurotransmitter chemical dopamine—even if they aren’t expecting a reward and even if they don’t realize they’re paying that thing any[...]