Every Few Hours

Take24 uses simple text messaging and powerful software to help you be daily accountable for your behavior change. We deliver alerts, notifications and insightful reports to your network of self-selected accountability partners (i.e. partners, peers, and therapists) who can reach out when you need help and who can suggest new patterns of healthy living to help you overcome bad habits, behavioral health or addiction.

1) Daily Check-ins

Several times a day we send you a single SMS text message question. All you have to do is respond with a single number and short response describing your behavior since the last check-in.

2) Real connections

People are key to making change. We make it easy to stay connected and to get help when you need it most by sending helpful alerts and notifications to your partners, peers and therapists.

3) Personal Dashboards

We chart your daily check-ins to track progress and show trends in your habits. Discover deep insights as you analyze the triggers, routines and rewards that drive your daily behavior.

Life is about making positive change

Achieving results is possible using a daily accountability system and a network of support.
Addiction & negative behavior may consume the best years of our lives if unaddressed

Wide-spread Behavior Challenges
All of us will feel depression in some form. More than 2/3rds are touched by addictions. 69% of Americans are overweight. 22% have a drug, or alcohol addiction. 12% are smokers. 14 million are addicted to pornography and 8 million are addicted to gambling.

Measurable Impact of Addiction
The economic costs of addiction are estimated to be $700B annually. The social cost of broken lives is incalculable but devastating.

Private Fights
Hidden from public view, most people fight their behavior challenges alone. They don't seek therapy. Why? Some know not where to find help. Others are ashamed, afraid and fooled into think they can overcome their problems alone. Isolation never helps. Starting and failing to achieve a goal decreases our will power to try again.

Improved Success
90% of those in an addiction recovery program will relapse. 60% will drop out before realizing long-term recovery. Those in our program report a marked improvement in control with an increase in sobriety, and improved communication increasing the speed of trust with partners.

  • Daily Accountability

    You are 55% more likely to achieve change with daily, automated check-ins. Most human accountability systems will break down after a few weeks.


    Identifying your habit cues or triggers, rewards, and routines makes you 63% more likely to achieve change.

  • customized care plan

    Take24 helps you create a customized care plan that is habit-specific and increases success by 88%

  • network of support

    95% of people who successfully changed a habit said having a network of support was critical to their success.

Putting change into practice

Get inspired by reading the latest blog posts from the Take24 team.

Get started today. Finally make the changes that have eluded you for so long.